InnoTech offers aerial photography and video services with drones equiped with high resolution, image stabilization cameras. Drone pilot is licensed and insured.

Real Estate video & photography

Give your clients a better perspective

InnoTech offers a comprehensive real estate photography and video service which addresses all of your needs to help drive sales and move listings. Interior, exterior, and interactive 3D photography – all provided by one local business!

For the interior, we offer traditional photography of each room as well as interactive 3D walkthroughs that allow prospective home buyers to walkthrough the home from their mobile device, tablet, or laptop computer. Buyers can "walk" into each room of the home and turn left and right, and zoom in and out to look at all the details of the home.

For the exterior, we capture complete 360° photos and video of the home. We can also go high above the property and capture an overhead image of the entire property. Next, we can pan around the house from a slight distance to capture the surrounding area and neighborhood.

All aerial photographs are captured at a 4K resolution of 4,000 x 3,000. The videos are provided in MP4 format to offer the best compatibility with other systems you might use. We can also post your videos to our YouTube channel and share the link with you to simplify your viewing experience.

If you would like to edit the video and photo content, we offer complete graphic design and video editing services at an hourly rate.

FREE Initial Service!

For each realtor, your initial aerial video and photography services are FREE. We do this so you have no reason not to reach out to us and get a familiar with our services.

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3D Interactive Walkthroughs

Imagine quickly creating an interactive 3D walkthrough of a commercial or residential property which you are listing! InnoTech provides this service at a very affordable rate to allow prospective buyers to walkthrough a home or business establishment from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer. This allows them to vitually walk down hallways and tour each room. This can include exterior features such as a patio, deck, or pool area. Full zoom capabilities allow buyers to zoom in on specific details.

Watch the video below for an example of a 3D interactive walkthrough.

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For local real estate agents, your first aerial video and photography session is provided completely FREE. This includes interior and exterior aerial video and photography services for one residential property. Note that interactive 3D interior photography services are not included in our free initial offering. Get started today by contacting InnoTech.

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