InnoTech offers aerial photography and video services with drones equiped with high resolution, image stabilization cameras. Drone pilot is licensed and insured.

aerial video & photography services

Discover a whole new perspective

InnoTech’s aerial video and photography services can capture breathtaking new views and perspectives for your location or your projects. The video cameras feature 4k high resolution with image stabilization for a rock-solid video of your project. The still photos are equally impressive at capturing your surroundings. Our drones can hover just off the ground, or they can sore to 400 feet in altitude. Video footage can utilize slow panning motion for a 360-degree panorama, or the drones can fly at up to 40 MPH to follow higher speed objects.

Ground Based Video Options

In addition to aerial video capabilities, we also have ground based video services which feature the same 4k high resolution with image stabilization. This option is great for producing a video of a facility tour or a realtor walkthrough of a house for example.

Practical Uses

Some of the many uses for aerial video and photography might include the following:

  • Builders and Realtors can provide a stunning fly around of a property, including high resolution photos from high above which show the entire neighborhood
  • Landscapers can have aerial services before and after a complex project to showcase their amazing results
  • Realtors - create stunning overhead videos of each property in your portfolio
  • Recreational boaters - capture some incredible aerial video of your boat underway
  • Office or facility video tours - our ground based cameras allow us to walk through your facility to provide a video tour with complete image stabilization. Combine this with our video editing services to provide a complete narrative tour of your facility which can be posted on YouTube or your website

About Our Pilot

Our drone pilot is a young Connecticut native that is licensed, certified, and insured to pilot drone aircraft. He will ensure a safe experience for you, your customers, and your neighboring establishments.


Note that there are restrictions which we must observe when operating a drone near local airports and other key locations such as military bases and power plants. We can consult with you regarding any such restrictions based on your specific project.

Getting Started

To get started with your aerial video or photography project, contact InnoTech to discuss your needs and objectives and we will get started capturing your projects from a whole new perspective.

Sample Drone Video

The above video was shot in June of 2017 on the Pawcatuck River using one of our drones while following the boat of an employee. The drone averaged 70-120 feet in altitude and reached a maximum speed of 30 MPH.

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