Our database experience includes over twenty years of designing, implementing, optimizing, and supporting MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle relational databases.

database design & hosting

29 Years Of Database Experience

InnoTech provides database design and modeling services, implementation, and complete database hosting services for a variety of today's most popular database platforms including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

As shown in the following process diagram, InnoTech follows a structured process for the modeling, implementation, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of your database. InnoTech offers a complete database solution from start to finish. Once again, this is another example of working with a single provider from start to finish without having to get multiple companies or consulting groups involved in your project.

Database modeling, implementation, hosting, and routine maintenance


During the Planning phase, we will help to define and review the requirements for your database. We can help determine which database platform would best serve your needs and help plan the appropriate hosting environment.

Data Modeling

Our data modeling services involve creation of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) as well as sizing and scaling considerations. This is an iterative process where you will be asked to closely partner with InnoTech to participate in requirements and design meetings so we fully understand your data needs and how they should be modeled.

Database Implementation

During this step of the process, your data model is converted into one or more database scripts which are executed within the database platform which is selected for your solution. This might be Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle depending on your needs and compatibility requirements with other systems.

Database Hosting

Once the database scripts are established, a hosted environment is prepared and your databases are created within this environment. If your business already has on-premise, or other database hosting capabilities, then these environments can be utilizes as well.

Design Change Control

Throughout the initial implementation and after the subsequent deployment of your database, it may be necessary to introduce design changes or new capabilities. InnoTech will process these design changes through the data modeling process and on to implementation and deployment. This is typically an ongoing process as your system evolves to address new requirements and needs from the end users of the system.

Backup & Maintenance

Routine backup and database maintenance procedures are put in place to ensure the stability and longevity of your database. This includes sizing analysis to make sure your database is not running out of storage space, backups in the event of a system crash, and event/error log monitoring.