Our modern, responsive web designs look terrific on all of today's mobile devices, including tablets and phones.

Mobile Web Design

Professional web designs, on any device

To compliment our professional Website Design Services, InnoTech provides special services to optimize websites for a mobile browsing experience.

While most companies focus on simply making sure your traditional website will display properly on a mobile browser, InnoTech can implement mobile-optimized websites which compliment your traditional website. When a mobile user navigates to your website, we automatically redirect the user to the mobile version of your website.

Our mobile website design services focus on the following aspects:

  • Broad compatibility across mobile web browsers including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone
  • Optimization of graphic images to ensure fast loading of your web pages
  • Simplified text and design layouts to provide a pleasant mobile browsing experience
  • Large, touch-friendly navigation options
  • Convenient touch options for calling your business, or sending you emails

Example Mobile Websites

Just a few examples of InnoTech's mobile website design solutions

To see some examples of our mobile-friendly website designs, use your Smartphone to navigate to the following websites. You will notice that if you navigate to these websites on your home/office computer, you get the traditional websites. If you navigate to these websites using your mobile device, you are automatically presented with a user interface which is completely optimized for your mobile device:

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