InnoTech offers domain name registration and domain name management services to help secure your domain, while ensuring you retain ownership at all times.

Domain Name Management

New Domain Name Registration

A website name (example: or is referred to as a "Domain Name". Selecting an appropriate domain name for your business or non-profit organization is the first step in establishing your web presence. This decision should not be taken lightly. Everything you do as you move forward will be built around this domain name. Many businesses have selected an inappropriate domain name when starting out. This can be a costly mistake so a degree of planning should be used in coming up with your domain name.

Domain Name Registration is the starting point in the evolution of your website. InnoTech will partner with you to suggest a variety of domain names for your business or organization. We will then process your registration and we will secure your domain name to prevent expiration or unauthorized transfer of ownership.

Here's some advantages to having InnoTech manage your domain names:

  • Affordable registration fees (typically $16 / year)
  • Free domain locking
  • Free expiration protection
  • You retain ownership of the domain name

Domain Transfers

Transfer your existing domain to InnoTech

If you have an existing Domain Name for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business or non-profit organization, then transferring the domain to InnoTech is quick and easy - and we handle the entire process for you. There's no cost for the transfer, and once your domain is managed by InnoTech, you can rest easy knowing that we will manage the domain and protect it from unauthorized transfer or accidental expiration (at no cost to you).

We have transferred hundreds of domains from a variety of other providers and we can manage the entire process from start to finish. To get started, all you need to do is Contact InnoTech and we'll take it from there.