InnoTech can manage all of your social networking campaigns including, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Social Networking Services

Managing all your social networking efforts

InnoTech can implement a complete strategy for the social networking of your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business. This strategy includes the components outlined below.


In close partnership with you, InnoTech will help define goals which are appropriate for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business to make the best use of social networking and social media. We will do this while reviewing your marketing materials and the overall branding of your business. This helps to ensure that you have a consistent image and message across all of your social networking platforms. Once your goals are fully understood, we will work on a plan to implement an appropriate social networking and social media campaign to support your goals. We will plan content topics and schedules, and plan how to monitor, measure, and report our progress in growing your social networking and social media exposure.


InnoTech will setup all of your social networking accounts and will secure them with strong passwords which are changed every six months. The social networking platforms will be configured to include your branding – for example, your Twitter and Facebook pages will be configured with banner graphics which represent your logo or branding. We provide social network management services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. We will work with you to identify the social networking platforms which are most appropriate for your small business.


Once you have a Social Networking plan in-place, the next step is integrating your social networking platforms with your website. For instance, your website can be modified to display a link to your Facebook Business Page so people can "Like" your business directly from your website. We can also integrate your Twitter feed as shown below where you see our Twitter feed is integrated with our website:

Regular Updates

Keeping Your Network Active

InnoTech will post weekly updates to each of your social networking environments. The client is responsible for drafting the content, then InnoTech posts the content on a regular frequency throughout the month. These regular updates help to keep you engaged with your social network followers.