InnoTech provides content update services for your website; allowing you to review and approve changes before they are made available to the public.

Ongoing Support

Keeping your website timely and up-to-date

Once your website from InnoTech has been deployed to the Internet, your business relationship with InnoTech is actually just getting started.

Website Content Updates

InnoTech offers complete, professional, content update services to ensure your website is updated in a controlled, and timely manner. We establish a "test" website where we place a copy of your website. We then apply content updates, per your written instruction to this test area. This leaves your existing "Live" website unchanged and fully accessible to the public while this new content is being developed and refined. You then review and approve the content changes, and then we publish the changes to the "Live" website where the new content is then available to the public. The changes can be published at a specific time and date if they correspond with a news release or other announcement from your organization or small business.

Website Traffic Reports

Each month, you will receive a Website Traffic Report from InnoTech to provide some details regarding the visitors to your website. This will help you to have an understanding of how many visitors your website received, and which web pages were visited. This helps you refine the message of your website so you understand what content visitors are most interested in.

Search Engine Subscription Services

Clients that subscribe to our Search Engine Optimization Services will also receive a Search Engine Ranking Report each month. This report will show how your website is ranking within Google and Bing. This helps to ensure your website is competing as expected against your potential competition.