Our search engine optimization (SEO) services will help your website perform better in Internet search results - leading to more website traffic and more potential revenue for your business.

Search Optimization

Help your business get found

As a small business owner in the Connecticut or Rhode Island area, you must always focus on how to effectively market your business. How can you attract new customers? How do you get the word out to prospective customers that might be in need of your products or services?

At InnoTech, we offer a comprehensive search engine optimization service which will help your website to rise in Google and Bing search results. We can help your website get found by those that are interested in your products or services.

Search Engine Management Services

Clients that subscribe to our Search Engine Management Services will receive a Search Engine Ranking Report. This report will show how your website is ranking within Google and Bing for numerous keywords which prospects are likely to search on to find your small business. This helps to ensure your website is competing as expected against your potential competition.

In addition to the monthly Search Engine Ranking reporting, each year, a comprehensive analysis is done on your website in comparison to your competition. At this time, your website's content may be refined to help it better compete. We also work on routine link building and search engine sitemap and re-submission work. This helps to ensure your website continues to rank well within today's modern search engines such as Google and Bing. If you have a mobile website with InnoTech, we optimize that website as well and submit it to Google and Bing in addition to your traditional website.

Competitive Analysis

Examining how you stack up

Your Search Engine Optimization subscription service includes an annual Competitive Analysis. Each year, we examine your competition within search results generated by Google and Bing. We focus our analysis on the websites which are ranking higher than your website.

We run an analysis to examine what these websites are doing in regard to link building and social networking, and how the sites are internally constructed – all in an attempt to determine how they are earning a higher ranking. Based on this analysis, your search engine optimization plan is modified to target them and to try to advance your website past them – helping you to better compete in the market place.