From web applications to Windows 10 app and traditional Windows-based applications, InnoTech can accommodate all your software development needs.

Software Development Services

Affordable Web Application Software Development Services

Do you have an idea for an application which you think users need? Have you ever thought, "it would be neat if there was an application which did xyz?". Bring your ideas to life by partnering with InnoTech and tapping into our software development services.

Have An Idea?

With InnoTech, you just need to supply the idea. We can fulfill your software development needs by working with you to understand your requirements to design a robust, secure, and scalable software solution. We can then code the solution, set it up online, and support it going forward. We can even help you gain revenue from your web application by implementing pay-per-click ads or subscription services with secure credit card transactions for users of your application.

Partnering, In-Person

For software development projects, we only work with local CT and RI individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We only work locally so we can meet with you in-person and understand your needs and develop the system in close partnership with you. You can think of InnoTech as an extension of the resources you already have in your organization.

Decades Of Experience

InnoTech has been designing, deploying, and maintaining web applications since the late 90's – the early days of Internet programming. Today, we use all the latest tools and technologies, combined with our website design experience, to design and develop modern web applications which run on traditional computers, tablets, and phones, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. Our web apps utilize the latest database technologies within MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, along with secure SSL capabilities to ensure your application is as secure as possible.

We have the skills and decades of experience to bring your ideas to life in a secure, scalable web application which will run across a broad range of web-enabled devices.

Getting Started

To get started, contact InnoTech for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation regarding the software development needs for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business.