Our modern, responsive web designs look terrific on all of today's mobile devices, including tablets and phones.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile-friendly web designs for any size device

At InnoTech, our website designs utilize modern web capabilities which allow your website to take full advantage of the end user's device; whether that's a traditional computer, tablet, Android smartphone, or an iPhone.

Some websites look great on a traditional computer, but when visited by a user with a cellphone, the user must "pinch and zoom" to read and interact with the site. This provides a very frustrating experience for your website visitors. With more and more visits to your site originating from a phone, you must take great care to select a website design company that focuses on modern, mobile-friendly design capabilities so all of your website visitors have a productive and enjoyable experience interacting with your site.

Our mobile website design services focus on the following aspects:

  • Broad compatibility across mobile web browsers including iPad, iPhone, and Android
  • Optimization of images to ensure fast loading of your web pages
  • Device aware text sizing so your pages are easily readable on a mobile device, or a large screen traditional computer
  • Simplified text and design layouts to provide a pleasant mobile browsing experience
  • Large, touch-friendly navigation options
  • Convenient touch options for calling your business, or sending you an email

Example Mobile Websites

Just a few examples of InnoTech's mobile website design solutions

To see some examples of our mobile-friendly website designs, use your phone to navigate to the following websites. You will notice that if you navigate to these websites on your home/office computer, the websites will be full screen and easy to navigate with a mouse. If you navigate to these websites using your phone, you are automatically presented with a user interface which is completely optimized for your phone's display with well sized text and navigation options which support touch for navigation. When you're ready to discuss a modern, mobile-friendly web design for your Connecticut or Rhode Island business, just contact us for a no cost, no obligation discussion.