InnoTech offers professional website design services for CT and RI small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Website Design

CT & RI Web Design

Of all the choices you make for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business, this is among the most significant – Who will design your website?

You might consider doing it yourself. Perhaps you have a friend or family member with some website design experience. But, when you are ready to get serious about your website and really start to establish a significant web presence for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business – then it's time to contact InnoTech.

We will guide you step by step through a simple, even fun process as shown below. We will help you identify the goals and objectives for your website. We will then examine your competition. What are they doing, how are they doing it, what are they not doing? We will then design a website which will put you on the map. A website which is well-designed, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure behind it so it will grow with your business as technology changes over the next few years.

InnoTech offers professional website design services for CT and RI small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Notice that after the website is launched, we have a variety of services to help position your website within Google and Bing search results. This will help your business get found by interested prospects which are seeking your products or services. We can also update your website content to keep it current and up-to-date. All of these services are highly affordable and help to boost your website traffic and ultimately, grow the income of your business.

When you choose InnoTech to design, launch, and support your new website, you will be establishing a true business partnership with InnoTech. It is in our best interest that your business is a success, and sees positive results from your new website. We will not deploy your website and leave you on your own. When you do a project with InnoTech, you are establishing a partnership for the life of your small business.

Getting Started

We will guide you through the entire process

We start your website design by discussing the business needs of your website. What does it need to convey and how should this be done to accomplish the best results? We compose two example layouts which you can review. We refine these designs based on your feedback and eventually we arrive at one of these designs being approved by you.

Next, we build all the other pages of your site - providing a complete TEST website for you to review in detail. After the content is finalized, we deploy your new website so it's "Live" on the Internet. This is typically performed over a weekend.

Now your new website is ready to market your small business or non-profit organization 24/7. Need updates? No problem. You send us your updates and we apply them to the TEST website and you review; making sure everything meets your needs. Then we deploy the changes to the "Live" website so everyone can see them. This also allows us to publish content updates which coincide with a specific time or date if necessary. It all starts with a no cost, no obligation discussion with one of our website designers at InnoTech. To get started, just contact us today.