Advertise your products and services online at Bing, Facebook, and Google using Internet Advertising.

Google, Bing & Facebook Ads

Advertise your products and services online

InnoTech has professionals on staff to help design, implement, and manage your online advertising campaigns with Google, Bing, and Facebook. We can create ads on your behalf which drive more traffic to your website. We also help to monitor your ads to determine which ads are most effective to help you make the most of your advertising budget.

InnoTech has experience implementing online ad campaigns for the following purposes:

  • Facebook "Like" Campaigns to increase your Facebook Followers
  • Google and Bing ads to help you appear in the top positions of search results
  • Ad campaigns to target a local region (such as within 30 miles of your Zip Code)
  • Ads which target Mobile users

Ad Design

Creating ads that make a difference

When designing your ad, we will work with you to refine the focus of your ad based on our experience, and by examining your needs. We will work to tie your ad to a specific page within your website. When Internet users click on your ad, you are charged a fee from Google and Bing (you are not charged anything for a click by InnoTech). When the ad is clicked the user is taken to this specific page in your website to learn more about your services, or to sign-up for a service (if applicable).

Ad Campaign Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your results

InnoTech will configure a profile for you so you can access the Google or Bing ad manager to view the performance, budget, and cost of your ad(s). You can disable your ads or re-enable them at any point. You work with us to establish your monthly advertising budget and we configure Google or Bing to utilize this budget each month. This helps you control and manage your advertising budget each month.