If your website cannot afford down-time and you want to help ensure maximum availability, then InnoTech can work with you to plan load balancing and high availability strategies to meet your needs.

High Availability Hosting

Load Balancing and High Availability Web Hosting

If you want to ensure your website is online as much as possible, then you need to consider a load balanced, high availability hosting strategy with InnoTech. Our hosting options offer the ability to automatically fail-over from one hosting environment to another when an issue is detected on your primary hosting environment.

Our monitoring systems will check your website's status every minute. When a problem is encountered website visitors will be re-directed to a secondary environment and an email alert will be sent to you, and the support team at InnoTech. Subsequently, if your secondary hosting environment encounters a problem before the primary environment comes back online, then we will automatically fail-over to a third hosting environment. If the primary hosting environment is restored to operation, our monitoring software will detect this and will return website traffic to the primary environment. All of this happens automatically and seamlessly.

We can also setup load balancing within each hosting environment. One option might involve setting up a primary hosting environment with four servers for inbound traffic. Website visitors on the US East Coast, for example, might be routed to a server on the East Coast, while visitors on the US West Coast would navigate seamlessly to a server closer to them. The same could happen with a third server in Europe and a fourth server in Asia. This is just an example, but we have many possible scenarios which we can support.

Some benefits of a high availability, load balanced hosting solution includes:

  • Near zero down-time
  • Continuous server monitoring (once a minute all servers are checked)
  • Automatic fail-over and fall-back
  • Distribute traffic to a web server closest to the user for maximum performance
  • Full SSL support across all servers to ensure your site traffic is secure

When To Use High Availability Hosting

Does my website need high availability or load balancing?

There is no doubt that every business owner thinks their website is an important part of their business and its reliability is a reflection of the business itself.

If you need to ensure that your website is online as much as possible, and is accessible to a high volume of users on a regular basis, then you should consider discussing a high performance, high availability website hosting strategy with InnoTech.

Give us a call, or drop us an email. There is no obligation and no cost for you to talk about your specific needs with one of our professionals.

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