Send marketing email messages to hundreds or even thousands of recipients, then monitor who opens the emails to help you target your marketing and lead opportunities.

Email Marketing

If you do one thing for your business, make it Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most affordable mechanisms to market your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business. InnoTech's email marketing services offer an affordable, spam-free, legal method for you to utilize email to get your message out to your clients and prospects.

Our services start by enhancing your website to allow website visitors to "subscribe" to your email marketing messages. Website visitors may start/stop their subscription to your emails and may configure their preferred message format by selecting between plain text and well formatted HTML email messages. We also offer "Text To Follow" services

You then send us the message content of your choice, including any applicable text, images, and attachments. InnoTech will then format this into two email messages; the first is plain text and the second is designed for recipients that receive HTML formatted messages.

InnoTech will send you a Draft of the email messages. You provide us with your suggested changes and the process repeats until you approve the message. Once approved, you tell us the day and time at which the message should be issued. InnoTech schedules the email to be processed and you are done.

Statistics and Reporting

When each email marketing message is sent, our system will track how many messages were sent and how many recipients opened the message to read the contents. You will also receive reports to indicate any new subscribers, and any recipients which elect to unsubscribe from future email marketing messages.

Summary of Capabilities

The following list summarizes the email marketing services which are provided by InnoTech for your Connecticut or Rhode Island small business:

  • Send messages in plain text or professionally formatted HTML messages
  • Allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe directly from your website
  • Complies with Federal regulations regarding anti-spam laws
  • Track recipients that open your email marketing messages
  • Attach files to your email marketing messages
  • Schedule your email marketing messages to be sent at a specific date and time
  • We start your subscriber list by importing email addresses you have collected from an Excel spreadsheet