InnoTech's Graphic Design Services can service all of the website, social networking, brochure, and advertising needs for your CT or RI small business or non-profit organization.

Graphic Design Services

Web Graphics, Brochures, Ads, Logos

InnoTech offers premium Graphic Design and Media Services for all of your graphics needs. This includes website graphics, logos, business cards, FLASH animations, presentation graphics, video, and audio. We can start from scratch, or we can use your existing materials, or ideas, as a starting point in designing some concepts for you to review.

Web Graphics

Our extensive web graphics capabilities extend to all aspects of your website and include the following:

  • Social media graphics (such as Facebook banners and Goggle+ banners)
  • Background Images
  • Buttons
  • FavIcons
  • FLASH animations
  • Header/Footer graphics
  • Style sheet formatting (Fonts, Styles, and Layouts)


Logos can be utilized throughout many aspects of your business or organization. You can use them on your stationary, envelops, business cards, and of course on your website and social networking platforms. We will meet with you and discuss your business and any existing ideas which you might have. Then we will put together a few sample logos for your business. We will refine the logo, working in partnership with you, to arrive at a logo which truly represents your business.

Business Cards

InnoTech can design professional business cards for your business or organization. This might include your logo and color scheme from your website. InnoTech can also arrange for professional print services for your business cards.


Depending on your business or organization, mailings may still be an effective communication mechanism and marketing tool for you. Mailings can include flyers, coupons, and informational tri-fold brochures.


InnoTech offers design services for newsletters – utilizing your logos, preferred colors, fonts, and layout. We can also propose graphics, fonts, and other styling aspects if you do not already have a concept in mind. Combine this with our Email Marketing services to distribute your newsletter to a broader audience.

Audio Processing

InnoTech can process an audio file (in a variety of formats) to remove inapplicable audio segments and present you with a clean, professional audio file in the format of your choice. We can combine (splice) numerous audio files into a single audio file, including volume fades at the start and end of the file.

Video Processing

InnoTech can process video material in a wide variety of formats including old camcorder tapes or VHS video tape. We can include titling, credit information at the end of the video segments, even fade and wipe techniques to transition from one scene to the next.

The final video can be provided back to you in a variety of digital formats including the following:

  • DVD or BluRay
  • Flash drive or memory stick
  • Compact digital files for efficient streaming over the web
  • Smartphone compatible video files