Microsoft Outlook Email Setup

Setup your InnoTech hosted email in Microsoft Outlook

Below you will find a series of step-by-step instructions for configuring Microsoft Outlook 365 to access your InnoTech hosted email account. The instructions focus on Outlook 365, but other versions of Outlook can easily be configured in a similar manner.

  • Before starting, please make sure you have the email address and password for the account which you will be configuring within Outlook.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook
  • Select the File menu, then click on the following selection:
    Outlook 365 Account Setting option
  • A selection of options will appear. Select the following option, which will likely be the first option present in the list:
    Outlook 365 Account Setting option
  • The dialog shown below will be displayed. Note the "New..." option which is highlighted below. Please click on that option:
    Click New in the Account Settings dialog
  • The dialog shown below will be displayed. Enter your complete email address, then click "Advanced options" and check the checkbox for "Let me set up my account manually". Once you have done these steps, click on "Connect".
    Check 'Let me set up my account manually'
  • On the dialog which is shown below, click on IMAP.
    Click on IMAP
  • The IMAP Account Settings dialog will now be displayed as shown below. Enter the following information, then click "Next":
    - Incoming Mail Server:
    - Port: 993
    - Encryption: None
    - Outgoing Mail:
    - Port: 465
    - Encryption: None
    Enter your account connection details
  • The next dialog will prompt you for your password as shown below. Use caution to carefully enter your case sensitive password, then click "Connect".
    Account password
  • Outlook will now configure the email account on your computer and you will see the following message while the mailbox is set up.
    We're getting things ready...
  • At this point you should be able to send and receive email messages through the newly defined email address using Outlook. If you received any error messages, please repeat the instructions. Most likely something was incorrectly entered. Remember to always use caution entering your password and use proper CaSe.

Use the information on this page to configure your email program to properly download your email from InnoTech.

Office 365 Email Setup

If your email is hosted through Microsoft using their Office 365 subscription, then you can find detailed setup information here.

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Mobile Phone Users

For step-by-step instructions to configure your mobile device for your InnoTech hosted email account, please click below:

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