Email Configuration Settings (GoDaddy)

Configuration settings for InnoTech's GoDaddy hosted email

As of April 20, 2022, Go Daddy has retired many of their traditional POP / IMAP email accounts and has shifted the majority of customers to their Microsoft 365 email plans (previously known as Office 365). The following information is now considered obsolete, but we are leaving it here for your reference in the event you are still using one of Go Daddy's legacy email plans. To view Go Daddy's Microsoft 365 configuration settings, please visit this page.

The configuration settings to assist you in configuring your InnoTech GoDaddy hosted email accounts are provided below. Please remember that if you need assistance, you may contact us for further assistance. We strongly recommend that you utilize IMAP as your email interface to allow your email to synchronize across all of your devices. However, the older "POP" email interface is also supported.

Click here for Microsoft Outlook 365 step-by-step instructions


IMAP Configuration
POP Configuration
Username Your full Email Address Your full Email Address
Password Your Case Sensitive Password Your Case Sensitive Password
Account Type IMAP POP or POP3
Incoming Mail Server
Incoming Port SSL: 993, Non-SSL: 143 SSL: 995, Non-SSL: 110
Outgoing Mail Server
Outgoing Port SSL: 465, Non-SSL: 25, 80, or 3535 SSL: 465, Non-SSL: 25, 80, or 3535
Outgoing Server Requires Login? Yes, same as Incoming Server Yes, same as Incoming Server

Email Tip: White Listing a Sender

Sometimes, an individual might be blocked when attempting to send you an email. If this happens, you can "white list" the sender and allow their emails to be sent to you. Here's the steps to white list a sender:

  • Access the web-based email console from a traditional computer, not a mobile device. You can access this here: Email Console
  • Login using your full email address and your case sensitive password
  • The email console will appear and your Inbox will be displayed
  • From the "Settings" menu, select the "Spam Settings" option
  • Click the "Allowed List" tab (located across the top of the page)
  • Click "Add New"
  • Enter the full email address of sender which is experiencing a problem sending you email
  • Click "Ok"

Use the information on this page to configure your email program to properly download your email from InnoTech.

Office 365 Email Setup

If your email is hosted through Microsoft using their Office 365 subscription, then you can find detailed setup information here.

  Office 365 Email Setup

Mobile Phone Users

For step-by-step instructions to configure your mobile device for your InnoTech hosted email account, please click below:

  Android Email Setup
  iPhone Email Setup
  Windows Mobile Email Setup

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